Ekó Ákètè, ilu ógbón, àromisá légbélégbé, the corporate headquarters of the happiest people on earth, and a home to the 20 million álàyé hustlers and the waka-pass.

Someone said if Lagos were a person, he would be a ‘plumpy smoker with a big heart and a healthy appetite, but with veins and arteries abruptly insulated with excessive layers of cholesterol’. My uncle said if he has both Lagos and hell, he would sell Lagos and live in hell. Well, he’s 50+, I’m not, and I don’t think so. I’m in love with the madness called Lagos, not only for its weirdness but also for the energy and vibrancy of the city popularly tagged hustling.

Eko is a city of intellectuals and mugus; of professionals and ‘ignoramus epitaph’. A city of Paystack, Andela, CcHub. A city of the most honest people on earth, yet housing the worst tricksters in history. A city of yahoo boys, living larger than life, of Shina ‘agbero’ at Orile Bus stop, and MC Oluomo, ‘awón ti Snapchat’.

A city where professors and prostitutes unite in unholy alliances to make things happen and heaven did not fall. A city where its slay queens lived in Lekki on Instagram but in real life are certified residents of Bariga. A city where hackers and hookers sing hossana in the full glare of hawkers, and God was pleased with the melody. I heard you say that’s how we roll. No, that’s not. We roll far more that that because in Lasgidi, possibility is a verb. Shit happens every fuckin’ day.

A city of love, a city of life, a city of living. A city that never sleeps. You would love the rainfall, and in case the òkadas didn’t knock you into the dirty Ambode gutters, the sun will make you go bald. No time!

O my rugged Lagos, of Ojuelegba Shitta, Mushin Idioro, Oshodi wakeup, gbe bodi è, awon ti AJ City. Wey dem? Iyalaya won! Oh, even Lekki too. VI, Magodo and Somolu…beautiful people of diverse socio economic strata and cultural differences, cohabiting, running things, and happy to be a Lagosian because they are wound together by an impenetrable and and indivisible matrix…
The Spirit of Lagos.



©VictorAdeyemi | @ekojournalist


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