Some were seated in the first class cabin and probably arrogant about it. Some were going on a trip to seal a billion-dollar deal. Some already built a mega business empire across different continents. Some going on vacation after long years of saving. Some experiencing Africa for the first time. Some were slay queens flying to meet their sugar daddy ‘boos’ in some clandestine Safari slaughter house. Some going to visit their grandchildren, some their parents.

Academicians, diplomats, ‘Piusfessor’, business magnates, MBAs, PhDs, pilots, hostesses, Muslims, Christians, freethinkers, sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, students, couples, babies, even a family of three generation – Baby boomer, Gen-X and a Nano Gen…149 of them… and in a twinkle of an eye, perished in an ill-fated flight.

Boeing 737 Max.
Ethiopian Airline.

Some left home with grudges and malice. Some left their spouses angry and unforgiven, refusing to make up for the petty mistake of the past. Some parted with friends and loved ones with terrible words because of minor and irrelevant issue…all missing a great opportunity to create the final but impactful and experiential goodbyes.

However, nothing else matter again because in a nano-second of nothingness, everything vanished. The plans, strategic projections, the billion-dollar deals, the business empire, the contracts, the money in the bank, academic pursuits, socio economic class, racial differences, cultural values, religion outlook… nothing again was relevant… except the fact that they all said hello from the other side.

However, two things spoke on their behalf: the lives they have touched and the legacy they are passing to the generation behind. And that is why some of them are receiving 21 gun salute while some left unnoticed, unannounced, uncelebrated.

While not yet in Boeing 737 Max, this is the awesome time to live a life filled with impact and relevance. A time to live a happier and freer life. Time to forgive and be forgiven. To get healed of all internal wounds. To let go of the past and embrace a new future filled with laughter and possibilities. To help those in need and sleep with fond memoirs of friends and families nestling in minds. This is the time to explore new paths to happiness and fulfillment.

Life is too short to waste on unnecessary frivolities and irrelevant grudges. Remember, we shall pass through this way but once, anything we can do, let’s do it now, for we shall not pass through this way again.

Shall we pray…

Dedicated to the memory of Professor Pius Adesanmi



©VictorAdeyemi | @ekojournalist


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